Open Mic with Sedge & Jon

Open Mic is an opportunity for singers, musicians and poets to take their turn behind the mirophone. These sessions are the ideal chance for amateur performers to take a step towards performing to wider audiences, friends and family, by mixing a wide range of abilities and styles in a supportive environment. We are fortunate to be occasionally supported by some leading local musicians, and this leads to some truly memorable evenings which are enjoyable for spectators, and instructive to amateurs. We will provide microphones, cabling, a PA system, and even a guitar if needs be, but many players naturally prefer to bring their own instruments which we will always do our best to cater for. Sadly we can't deal with drumkits at every venue because of space and time restrictions. Each performer will typically, depending on time and demand, get approximately fifteen minutes or three songs each, although it is common for keener players to play two sets, or to co-operate with other players to form miniature super-groups! By the end of 2015, Sedge and Jon will have performed over 400 shows, including annual three and a half hour open mic marathons involving over thirty local musicians!

Sedge is a very experienced singer and guitarist on the local circuit. He performed for several years on the Spirit FM Pub Tour, was one of the opening acts at the 2010 Chichester Real Ale & Jazz Festival, and currently performs solo or as part of The Beaten Tracks. Visit us online by following the links below to get Open Mic venues, dates and times, or check out previous performances on YOUTUBE by searching for "Open Mic with Sedge and Jon".

If you'd like to perform at an Open Mic night, or you'd like to find out about holding Open Mic nights at your pub or venue, or if you'd just like to come down and see what happens, please feel free to contact us on Facebook, or as follows:

Call 07974 524871 : Email : Twitter @OpenMic_SJ

You can also now keep up to date from our reverbnation page

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