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Coustics, BlueSticks, and UkeSticks....

There are three different 'Coustics clubs, but all with the same goal, to provide an opportunity for players of all standards to play in a friendly, relaxed group, with an easy going atmosphere. Only know three chords and worried people will spot you don't know a fourth? Want to try and share your favourite song by playing it to friends? Want to try playing a live audience? Or just want to meet more like minded people, interested in playing music? then these are the clubs for you!

Original 'Coustics is a popular monthly club for amateur singers and guitarists, held every first Thursday evening from 8pm - 10pm at The Chichester Inn in West Street. The emphasis at the club is on group performance with sometimes as many as twenty singers and guitarists performing as one. The group atmosphere allows people to participate as little or as much as they wish. Performing from a set list of around forty well known songs, based mainly on 50's and 60's classics, 'Coustics is an excellent first step for performers wishing to start to play in larger groups, and to find friends with similar interests. Performers are also offered the opportunity to perform one song as a solo, or in a duo, which provides an excellent training ground for those people wishing to graduate to Open Mic performances.

'Coustics also has a little brother, 'Coustics Blues, (or BlueSticks, as it is affectionately being nicknamed). This club follows the same kind of format as the traditional club, but is generally based around blues music. The club is held at The George in Felpham on the second Tuesday of the month between 8pm and 10:15pm. Voluntary donations are requested to help run this club.

As of 2013, 'Coustics also has a Ukulele Club, (UkeSticks)held on the fourth Thursday of the month at The Prince Of Wales, Woodgate by the level crossing from 8pm - 10pm. Featuring new songs, arranged specifically for soprano, concert and tenor ukulele, (and hints for baritone!) this club has very much taken on a life of it's own, and has almost become more of a "not guitar" club. People now bring all manner of ukulele / banjo / guitar hybrids, making for an excellent variation and range of sound. A voluntary donation is requested, to cover new music and updates. This club also now gigs! With a few local small charity festivals under it's belt, the group in hungry for more!

If you'd like to find out more please get in touch, or pop along and see what happens. Dates are listed in the diary.

Call 07974 524871 : Email jonwheeler@onetel.com : Twitter @JonWh33ler

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