Coustics Guitar, Blues & Ukulele Clubs

If you're looking to start playing out in the world, these clubs are a great place to start. Their emphasis is on participation and are open to all standards of acoustic player. Coustics has 3 clubs, the original rock & pop club, a blues / folk club, and a ukulele club. Each club meets once a month and are free to try, although donations are asked for regular attendance. Keep up with venues and dates on my diary page, or visit us on facebook.

Throughout the lockdowns, the clubs continued to function online, with regular jams and special, themed nights on our facebook page. All our previous online jams are saved there in playlists if you want to practice.

Donations for Online Jams + Songsheets

Thank you to those of you who donate towards the costs and time of running the clubs and transcribing songs. These donations are a crucial part of my income as a musician, especially right now.
Donations via paypal :

DOWNLOADS : New Music for 2021

In the hopes that normal club meetings might be able to return this year, all three of the Coustics Club books will be receiving a serious overhaul this February. You can download pdfs of the new songs below:

No Copyright is claimed for any Coustics Music unless specifically noted. Each song is individually credited. Equally, we do not copy our arrangements from other clubs or websites and respectfully ask that you do the same.

The first pdf contains a new contents page for the Chichester Inn Rock & Pop group, the second contains ten song updates for your folder. Remember, new songs REPLACE old songs by letter, so e.g. 12A is superceded by 12B, 30D is superceded by 30E, etc.
Coustics Contents 2021.pdf Coustics Contents 2021.pdf
Size : 140.192 Kb
Type : pdf
2021 Coustics Update.pdf 2021 Coustics Update.pdf
Size : 425.743 Kb
Type : pdf
This update is for the George Inn Blues group, the first pdf is a new contents page, the second contains a nine song update for your book. Note song #1 has been split into two single page songs.
Blues Coustics Contents 2021.pdf Blues Coustics Contents 2021.pdf
Size : 193.431 Kb
Type : pdf
Blues Coustics Update 2021.pdf Blues Coustics Update 2021.pdf
Size : 469.483 Kb
Type : pdf
This update is for the Royal Oak Ukulele group, contents and seven song update. The existing version of "All About You" should be renumbered as song #02c. There is no #33 for the moment, as #32 is now 2 pages long.
Coustics Ukes Contents 2021.pdf Coustics Ukes Contents 2021.pdf
Size : 119.269 Kb
Type : pdf
Coustics Uke Update 2021v3.pdf Coustics Uke Update 2021v3.pdf
Size : 481.486 Kb
Type : pdf

Normal Meeting Venues & Dates.

Coustics Rock/Pop
First Thursday of the Month : Chichester Inn, Chichester, 8pm

Coustics Blues
Second Tuesday of the Month : The George, Felpham, 8pm

Coustics Ukulele
Fourth Thursday of the Month : Royal Oak, Lagness,8pm