If you're looking to start playing out in the world, these clubs are a great place to start. Their emphasis is on participation and are open to all standards of acoustic player. Coustics has 3 clubs, the original rock & pop club, a blues / folk club, and a ukulele club. Each club meets once a month and are free to try, although donations are asked for regular attendance.

No Copyright is claimed for any Coustics Music unless specifically noted. Each song is individually credited. Equally, we do not copy our arrangements from other clubs or websites and respectfully ask that you do the same.

June 2022

There are three new songs for the Chichester Inn Coustics book as of June 2022. You can download the three songs and a new contents page from the panel to the right.

Donations for this work gratefully received - thank you!
WA00 Contents 2022.pdf WA00 Contents 2022.pdf
Size : 142.813 Kb
Type : pdf
WA03 B Daytripper.pdf WA03 B Daytripper.pdf
Size : 260.125 Kb
Type : pdf
WA27 C A Little Less Conversation.pdf WA27 C A Little Less Conversation.pdf
Size : 253.398 Kb
Type : pdf
WA37 C I Fought The Law.pdf WA37 C I Fought The Law.pdf
Size : 259.044 Kb
Type : pdf
Normal Meeting Venues & Dates.

Coustics Rock/Pop First Thursday of the Month : Chichester Inn, Chichester, 8pm
Coustics Blues Second Tuesday of the Month : The George, Felpham, 8pm
Coustics Ukulele Fourth Thursday of the Month, Friary Arms, Bognor, 8pm

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